NASCAR Hiding The Nasty Facts?

I’m not normally a conspiracy guy, but does anyone think NASCAR is blocking the fan videos of that crash from today’s race because they don’t want people to see the shocking reality of what could happen at a race?

Look, I’m not a fan, but I also know the excitement of car racing is the speed, the adrenaline, the danger. But if it becomes obvious that the danger extends into just being a spectator, this is not going to help keep fans buying tickets, let alone attract new fans.

I’ve seen the video, it is quite shocking to see a freaking tire in the stands and people injured because of it. That’s scary stuff. It’s not good PR for your sport to have that out there.


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    While I agree with this statement, I believe it’s almost worse for the sport that they’re so desperately trying to cover...
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    I think most fans understand what can happen. I know that I go to races (NASCAR, Indy, local, whatever) knowing that...
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    I feel the videos were being blocked out of respect for the families. Imagine what it would have been like if someone...
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