Wisconsin Recruit to Take Leave for Depression

Wisconsin Recruit to Take Leave for Depression

I have to give a lot of credit to Jaden Gault for having the courage to get help for his depressionand putting off playing football for Wisconsin while he does so. Not only is seeking help as a young make a difficult thing to do, but in the macho culture of college football, where plenty of kids wind up playing through injury and illness “for the good of the team”, it’s good to have a kid and a…

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How Good Is Kershaw?

How Good Is Kershaw?

Right now, he is so dominant that he threw a complete game 3-hitter last night, with 1 walk and 11 Ks and as a fan I’m disappointed that he gave up a run to end his scoreless inning streak at 41.

Seriously, he’s been so good that a masterful performance like the game he threw last night can be considered flawed because he gave up a run.


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Islanders Add A Bunch Of Forwards, Let The Theories Begin on Who’s Leaving!

Islanders Add A Bunch Of Forwards, Let The Theories Begin on Who’s Leaving!

So yeah, the Islanders have 16 NHL forwards on the roster as of July 2. That’s too many, as Islander Point Blank has pointed out.

So what is likely to happen come opening night? Truthfully, we don’t know. There are many days between then and now, and still a few moves to be made for the Islanders. In the mean time though, we can speculate, no?

Here’s what we know at this point, maybe…

  • First…

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