This is What Happens When You’re Just Not Good

This is What Happens When You’re Just Not Good

49ers Fans Took Over The Cowboys’ Stadium, And It’s A Disastrous Sign For Jerry Jones.

So we were over on the coast on Sunday, having a late lunch at the Rogue Ales Public House, during the second half of the game. I thought I heard a loud cheer from the television, and turned to see a replay of Tony Romo getting sacked. (Obviously, with the way the first half went, I wasn’t paying much attention…

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Will There Be Any Owners Left?

Will There Be Any Owners Left?

So now it’s Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson who has made racist comments in an email and will be selling his controlling interest in the NBA franchise.

So with this “weeding out” process of any and all potential racists now going full force, what will be next, homophobic slurs, sexist slurs, other non PC comments? Eventually don’t you reach a point where every owner and potential owner has…

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Bad Saturday for the Big Ten

Bad Saturday for the Big Ten

Not just bad, embarrassingly bad. Taken by themselves, the evening losses on national TV by Michigan State (at Oregon), Michigan (at Notre Dame), and Ohio State (to Virginia Tech) are not that embarrassing. Although Michigan’s loss was a blowout, all three were not huge surprises, coming against quality teams.

But losing all 3 of these games after earlier conference losses to MAC teams Central…

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