The Data on Pace Of Play vs Safety

The Data on Pace Of Play vs Safety

So, maybe it’s not the up tempo offense that causes injuries.

Maybe the solution is smaller players playing fewer games.

Like that will happen!

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NLRB Ruling Gives Northwestern Football Players Right to Unionize

NLRB Ruling Gives Northwestern Football Players Right to Unionize,0,6454823.story

Obviously, Northwestern and the NCAA will appeal this decision, but should it stand, this really changes everything for college athletics. This could really be the beginning of the end of big time college sports as we know it.

We’ll see though. The NCAA isn’t going to go down without a fight.

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Sports and TV

Seems like a couple of times a year, we go down to the wire in determining whether a team will actually be on the air in most of their fans households. This year, it’s the Dodgers, who sold their TV rights for a boatload of money to Time Warner, who is now trying to make up that boatload of money by charging significant prices to other cable operators to carry the channel.

This has been going on…

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Not a Fan of Australia Games

Not a Fan of Australia Games

As a Dodger fan who lives on the East Coast, I’m used to not being able to follow games live. This past weekend’s games in Australia were no exception, but that’s not why I am not a fan of these games. I’m not a fan because it’s completely bizarre to think that those two games counted, a full week before the season starts, while everyone else is still playing exhibition games.

So let’s get this…

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Guy Who Brought Free Agency to the NFL is Suing the NCAA

Guy Who Brought Free Agency to the NFL is Suing the NCAA

Jeffrey Kessler, a high-profile sports labor attorney is suing the NCAA, and seeking nothing less than to “dismantle the entire system by which big-time college sports operate”.

That’s a pretty big goal, but one that he thinks is entirely possible.

NPR has a short take on the suit and the possible repercussions.

One of the questions brought up was about Title IX, which is one thing that those…

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Could This be the Year a 16 Seed Wins?

Could This be the Year a 16 Seed Wins?

It’s going to happen eventually, but looking at the matchup this year in the NCAA bracket, I’d give Coastal Carolina the best chance of pulling the upset of Virginia. I even picked it in one of my 4 pool entries this year. But I have my doubts that this will be year.

Of course, that’s the beauty of the 16 seed upset, it’s going to come when we don’t expect it.

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Gunning for a New Low in Closing Out Hockey Games

Gunning for a New Low in Closing Out Hockey Games

From the Puck Daddy article on the best and worst closers:

* Sigh … the Islanders. The Islanders are the only team in the NHL this season with a winning percentage of under .500 for games in which they’re leading after two periods: 9-6-5, for a .450 winning percentage.

If the Islanders don’t turn this around, they’re headed for infamy. No team since the 2005 lockout has finished with a record…

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Phil Jackson to the Knicks?

Phil Jackson to the Knicks?

So, if this is true, Phil would get executive veto over any and all moves made by the team’s GM, and would not tolerate any meddling from Knicks owner Charles Dolan?

Given the absolute fiasco this team turned into, with all the dram, I get the temptation to just turn it over to the Zen Master. But if we’re assuming that is going to depend on all of these egos playing along nicely, I don’t know…

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State Championship Hockey Game Ends in Tie

State Championship Hockey Game Ends in Tie

So the Ohio High School Athletic Association declared the state championship game between St. Ignatius and Northview a tie after it was still deadlocked 1-1 at the end of the seventh overtime?

They claim the decision was based on player safety, but others aren’t happy with it. I think I’m ok with it. 7 overtimes is a LOT of hockey for one day, and these are just high school-aged kids at the end…

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