Even Mild Concussions Can be a Problem

Even Mild Concussions Can be a Problem

According to a recent study, parents should be concerned about even mild concussions.

Initially, those with concussions had thinking and memory test scores that were 25 percent lower than those in healthy people. One year after injury, however, while the scores for those with and without concussions were similar, those who had had brain injuries still had evidence of brain damage on imaging…

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Watching the Tour

Tour Pack

I’ll admit it, watching a bike race in person probably isn’t the most exciting thing in the world. I imagine it would be difficult to really know what is going on, and to even identify who is who as they simply race past you. My experiences spectating at smaller aces like the one above, obviously are no comparison to watching the finish of a Tour De France stage. So, I wasn’t exactly shocked that

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