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Oct 21

Reading - View: Sooners' Sterling Shepard landed on my camera, and I feel bad about that

Oct 20


Peyton Manning’s 509 TD Passes: From Harrison to Warren.

This is pretty cool.


Peyton Manning’s 509 TD Passes: From Harrison to Warren.

This is pretty cool.

Oct 19

This Week’s Sports Links (weekly)

This Week’s Sports Links (weekly)

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Oct 18

Gator Fail

Florida gators photo

Photo by bjmcdonald

Statistically speaking, Florida played a great game against Missour tonight. They had 8 minutes more time of possession, ran 35 more plays, gained well over twice as many yards and were given 11 penalties against Missouri.

So how did they lose 42-13? A kickoff return and punt return for touchdowns and 6 turnovers will do that.

Honestly, Missouri couldn’t have played a…

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Oct 17

Will Florida State Fans Protest During Gameday?

Will Florida State Fans Protest During Gameday?

They appear to be trying to organize a silent protest during the ESPN Gameday show, apparently to protest the “unfair”, “hateful” coverage of their beloved Seminoles and Jameis Winston.

Aww, it’s so cute when fans are completely blind to the possibility that their team is dirty and blame the entire thing on the media. Yeah, the New York Times is investigating the possibility that the Tallahassee…

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Reading - For battered NFL wives, a message from the cops and the league: Keep quiet

Oct 16

Reading - Columbus kicks the F out of American soccer in rebranding Crew | SOCCER | Sporting News

Lucky, or good?

Lucky, or good?

(Source: hockeyfanconfessions)

Oct 15


Congrats to Kyle Okposo on goal #100!

Oct 14

Politics and Sports: Serbia and Albania

Politics and Sports: Serbia and Albania

Really, shouldn’t UEFA get together with the NBA and figure out how to rig the ping pong balls so that these two teams don’t wind up in the same qualifying group?

Serbia-Albania match abandoned after drone carrying Albanian flag sparks brawl

I mean they’re already playing the games with bans on any visiting fans, and still this happens. What’s next, playing the games in empty stadiums at…

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