Lessons in Lying

As someone who knows his limitations, including being a horrible liar, I try not to lie as much as possible, nor give myself anything to lie about.

Perhaps Josh Shaw might learn the same lesson?

The interesting thing about this whole story is the lessons it teaches about how not to lie.

1. Don’t make up such a preposterous story that people are going to want to repeat it. In this day and age,…

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This Week’s Sports Links (weekly)

Islanders Sold, Sort Of

Islanders Sold, Sort Of

So yes, many Islanders fans got their wish today when it was announced that Charles Wang was selling the team, but the the details came out.

The deal is to sell the team to Jon Ledecky and Scott Malkin, who will be minority owners for two years, after which they will assume majority control over the organization, the Islanders announced.

So what does that mean about how the team will be run for…

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Braxton Miller Out For the Season

Braxton Miller Out For the Season

The news that I’m sure Columbus was praying wouldn’t come. came anyway today. Braxton Miller has a torn labrum and will sit out the entire season.

This a crushing blow just 11 days before the start of the season, to lose your best player, and probably the biggest offensive threat in the Big Ten. I know OSU has a ton of talented players, and I’m sure the redshirt freshman J.T. Barrett was…

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Hawaii Football Program on Verge of Going Away

Hawaii Football Program on Verge of Going Away

That’s the report from Yahoo Sports tonight. If it happens, I don’t think they will be the only program to find itself losing money trying to keep up with the rest of Division 1 as the “Power 5″ conferences start making their own rules.

Hawaii was already losing money before the changes at the NCAA, so this probably would happen regardless of how the Power 5 go, but I can easily see more MWC,…

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