Inside College Sports Bag Men

Inside College Sports Bag Men

It’s a tad long, but you really should go read the article about bag men in the SEC over on SB Nation.

While it specifically talks about SEC schools, I think we all know this sort of thing goes on all over the country. It maybe goes on a little more down here in the South, because I have noticed in my time here that there is a certain attitude about sports in general, but especially college…

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NHL Playoff Preview

Yes, sure, the Islanders aren’t in the layoffs this year, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be some great hockey and intriguing story lines to follow.

To whit, will the Blue Jackets get their first ever playoff game victory? Will the Pens self destruct again? Are the Blues the team that flirted with the first seed in the West, or the one that lost their last 6 games? Can anyone on the Avs…

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Did Phil Ivey Cheat or Was the Casino Stupid?

Did Phil Ivey Cheat or Was the Casino Stupid?

Given the description of what Ivey did while playing baccarat at the Borgata Casino, I’d say yes, he did cheat. What he did was actually less ethical than counting cards in blackjack, so if that’s not allowed by the casinos, then this definitely shouldn’t be.

On the other…

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Congrats Blue Jackets Fans

Congrats Blue Jackets Fans

Despite my promise to quit rooting for the Blue Jackets when they moved into the same division, and thus into direct competition, with my Islanders, I am happy for the Jacket fans back in Columbus.

And yes, there’s no way I can miss the significance of the Jackets making the playoffs and having their best season ever after I stop rooting for them.

Maybe it was me all those years.

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This Criticism of Daniel Murphy is Insane

This Criticism of Daniel Murphy is Insane


The guy took 3 days, and missed two games, to be at the birth of his first child and help his wife in the immediate aftermath, and somehow the culture of sports finds this to be totally unacceptable?

There is something seriously wrong in the sports culture when this is even questioned. I was…

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What to do About Josh Bailey

What to do About Josh Bailey

I realized last night that we are watching another streak of good play from the Islanders Josh Bailey, in games that don’t really matter much. What can we take away from it? Is he, finally, living up to the promise he had when the Islanders drafted him 9th overall in 2008? Is this just a good streak that will ultimately end and go back to a bad streak?

For all the ups and downs, mostly downs, of…

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How the Skills Competition is Shaping the NHL Wildcard Races

How the Skills Competition is Shaping the NHL Wildcard Races

I’m not a fan of the shootout, let’s go ahead and get that out of the way. It’s not that I don’t see the entertainment value of it, sure it can be exciting. (Though many times it really isn’t) My complaint is that it’s a contrived way to end a hockey game that has very little to do with the actual game play itself. I feel the same way about going to penalty kicks in soccer as well, though I do…

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