Jordan Hare Stadium

On my way to a training gig in Montgomery today, I naturally had to stop on the campus of Auburn
University. My main priority was to stop by Toomers and pick up a tshirt for my Auburn fan wife, but checking out campus wasn’t far behind, even if it was 95 degrees.

The funny thing is, even as I think now about the name of their stadium, in my head I hear Verne Lundquist saying it.



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So Will There Even Be a Clippers Season Next Year?

So Will There Even Be a Clippers Season Next Year?

So if Donald Sterling is successful in hanging on to the franchise, even if it’s just temporarily, and Doc refuses to coach and the players refuse to play, and no one in the NBA will play against them, what happens to the Clippers for 2014-15?

Can the NBA simply force the team to cease operations for the year while the court battles get dealt with? Will every team that refuses to play against…

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Paterno Son Suing Penn State

Paterno Son Suing Penn State

I understand why Jay Paterno and Bill Kenney are upset. The fact is they probably are unfairly tainted by what went on at Penn State and I’m not sure their reputations can ever recover from that. The general public was horrified by what came out about Jerry Sandusky and the possibility of a cover up by people running the school and the football program, and whether they had any knowledge of the…

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